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  If you think you already know ring slings, you need to try this. It is not only incredible comfortable, the fabric also does not slip through the rings. It is definitely another top quality German product by the best known and well loved wrap maker of Europe - Storchenwiege!!
I just looked at your site and didn't see any comments on the ring sling yet. I need to tell you how much I love it. I used a lot of one shoulder contraptions with my children over the years but nothing was as comfortable as the Storchenwiege. Definitely worth the money! The fabric doesn't slip through the rings, which makes adjusting a breeze. I've been using the Storchenwiege ring sling exclusively and love every minute of it. I'll gladly give you permission to post my comment.
From a happy Storchenwiege customer.



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Leo marine pattern

Inka pattern

Johannes pattern

Leo natural pattern

Leo red pattern

Leo turquoise pattern

Ulli pattern

The Storchenwiege manufacturer doesn't do things in a hurry, every step along the way is perfected in every detail, hence literally no flaws with Storchenwiege products. This ring sling was tested in Chemniz by a company testing the weight capability of the fabric and rings along with moms testing it with their children. This ring sling will hold 50 times the weight of a toddler. If you are planning on carrying children for long periods of time, nothing will be more comfortable than a Storchenwiege. This ring sling can hold a horse without slipping through the rings or tearing the fabric, I don't think there is another ring sling out there where the same can be said.
This is yet another quality product that will last through generations and is the top of the line in every way!