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What to do when the baby is too big for the sling? Look at the many uses!

You might wonder what to do with a Storchenwiege baby sling when your baby has outgrown it and it is too early to carry the grand kids in it. On our travel through Germany we came across many good uses for a temporarily  or for good retired sling.
All participants had a blast. Please browse the pictures and if you have any other uses, we would love to add more pictures. Just mail your pictures to us at

An Anna, or all other Storchenwiege colors, make an elegant tablecloth for special occasions.

Another excellent realxing use for Anna Storchenwiege

Don't be out in the cold, use your Albert Storchenwiege
to keep warm and your dog close by.

Got stuck in the mud? Ulli will pull you out!

Need more privacy or block the Sun? Storchenwiege baby wraps will do the job in an elegant manner.

Your children might enjoy a Birthdayparty with an Ulli jumprope contest.

Maybe somebody was injured hiking. Get your Storchenwiege and carry them to the end of the world, or the next place with cell phone reception.

Make sure the injured is not too heavy for the people carrying them.

See how long  your toddler can hang on to Ulli.

One little child pulling a lot of children with one strong Ulli Storchenwiege quality!

Forgot your child's hat?
Take out Leo and keep your child warm.

You forgot everybodies hats?
Try a 4.6 Storchenwiege to keep you all warm.

Albert can help pull a sled.

Like Skiing?
Albert with its warm colors will keep you cozy warm on the cold slopes.

Leo as saddle blanket. Just a few miles on a horse make a
Storchenwiege so soft and cuddly, you won't be able to put it down afterwards.

Tauziehen (tug a war)  - which side will win? Hope Ulli is on your side.

A couple of Storchenwiege and you can ride into many sunsets.

A Storchenwiege provides the perfect dress-up clothing for any occasion

relax in a vicky swinging seat

Going to Italy for a break?

Take just one Ulli 4.6 for the whole family as beach towel. Packs much smaller and looks much more elegant. Storchenwiege quality can take a few days at the beach without a problem. Thanks for sending us this picture, makes us want to take a trip to Italy.