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I can't live without my Storch! It is a life saver. My toddler is always trying to "help" with our baby. I can't put the baby down anywhere without him wanting to explore all of baby's body parts. In the Storch my baby is secure and safe. It literally is a life saver!

 Happy Day to you too.


 Storch rocks! I'll be getting another one soon!

 Ciao, Carla


I tried shrinking my 4.6, it is just a little too long, but no success. It comes natural to other brands, even shrink a size,  but this Storch won't budge. I assume you don't take returns on washed Storchs or I'd exchange it for a 4.1. I guess I just didn't expect this kind of quality for a brand that costs less than others. I'll be telling other moms about the Storchs, incredible fabric! 




I love my Storch. I've had it for about 2 weeks now and wear it all day long - no back

ache! (my baby is 3 months) He falls asleep withing a minute of wrapping him

in the newborn wrap with inner pouch.  By far the most comfortable and

versatile carrier I've ever used.  (I also have the ergo and maya wrap) The

video is a treasure - thanks so much Beate.  I've included a poem I wrote

about my experience wearing the Storch with my baby...


"Dance"  by Teresa Dowell 7/7/05


Wrapped snug against my body

We dance to music

to the pipa

Heart to heart

Ear on my sternum

On waves weightless music


slow then


dancing the way

women must have danced at night

around fires

to the sound of drums

and maracas made of shells


One breath together

Attached to me as if back in the womb

You hear the beating of my heart, feel

my movements, my warmth

Your home


My arms and hands twirl in the air

like the swirling sleeves of a Chinese dancer


Me aware of your limbs,  movements, smell

As you sleep

Your sweet soul with mine


We've taken a step off the edge of Earth and

float in the universe

as one


Hello Storchenwiege,

We already sent you a photo from here in Montreal, but our family just got
back from a three month research expedition in the rainforests of Madagascar
and we wanted to share some of our photos with you.  Everyone there was
thrilled to see me wearing our daughter on my back (everyone there wears
babies in much the same way), and they all wanted to use the Storchenwiege.
Thanks for making such a great product, and please feel free to use any of
the photos if you wish, you have our permission to publish them.

Take care,
Karen, Mitch, and Ann (the one in the Storchenwiege!)


Hello, just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your product. I've used many wraps but this one holds the knot better than my others and seems overall more supportive and comfy. Sure glad I came across the Storchenwiege brand. Thank you for making this product available in North America. Blessings.


Hello Storchenwiegen, just a note to let you know just how hardy your wrap is. I feed calves with my baby in the wrap. Anybody who has worked with cattle knows how smelly one gets. My wrap is in the wash all the time but you wouldn't be able to tell. The colors are vibrant as ever and the fabric as strong as ever. I think I could carry a calf in there. Thank you for such a great quality wrap. Judging by the price one might think others are better but they are soooo wrong! This is the best wrap for an active parent! I'll start milking soon too and know I can count on Storchenwiege to keep me close to baby while being close to nature.


 I just wanted to let you know that the Anna Storch is perfect and has gone into instant daily use.  I am practicing a few new ties from your dvd and my daughter and I are having some fun with it.  Here is a cute story: she had gotten very tired yesterday but couldn’t let herself fall asleep and so went and got the new wrap, dragging it across the house to me, wanting me to me to put her on my back where she usually falls asleep very easily.  Which I did, and she did.  I guess she likes the Storch best, too, right now, as she could have brought any of the other carriers from the basket!  Anyway, thank you for your help and flexibility, I am very pleased.  Also, please let me know if you haven’t received the Leo by now or in the next day or so.  I sent it out 7/8. 

Take care,



 Just wanted to tell you as a dealer how much I love dealing with your product. Storchs are by far the easiest to deal with and never a return because of flaws. I deal with another German brand wrap and although they cost more, the quality is terrible. I just can't say enough good things about the Storchs. They really are the best quality Germany has to offer in my opinion. As always, thank you for the prompt and friendly service every order I have.



I received my Inka Storch so quickly and it is so comfy and beautiful!  I am in love with my baby all over again!  I am now a baby-wearing exhibitionist flaunting my baby and wrap wherever I go!  Aren't wrapped and worn babies the most beautiful in the world?  Anyway, whenever anyone (usually an envious mom beleaguered with a clunky stroller) comments on how content Owen is with his "custom packaging," I send them to your website.  Hopefully, you will have some more clients coming your way.    … Your suggestion of sizing was dead on, it even fits my husband doing the wrap cross carry!     

 I have never before received a refund on shipping, and often times feel ripped off when vendors charge more than they need to for Alaskans.  You will have good Karma coming your way, I am sure!

Sincere thanks and best wishes to your lovely family and business,


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service. We love love love our Storch and use it everywhere. We tried another, even more expensive, German brand and ended up mailing it back after it shrank a size on top of having a pulled thread right out of the box. I will tell everybody everywhere to buy a STORCH and nothing else! Can't beat the durability of a Storch! I tell my husband that our grandchildren will be wearing their children in the Storchs I bought. I'll make sure to send you pictures of all generations wearing them... LOL.
Thanks a bunch. Jodie and Spike

I just received my storchenwiege inka today.It is wonderful!!!!! I wish I would have had this with my first 2 children.THANK YOU so much!!! You have been wonderful!!!!! Wonderful customer service,communication,product!!! I had a wonderful experience! I look forward to more transactions in the future!!!!!Beate you were right it is a lil long,probably should have gotten the 4.1,but that is my fault for not listening to you,and I  love it so much I don't want to wait to send it back for a smaller. wrap.I'll just listen to you next time!!! It is worth spending the money for this wrap!!!!!! I have tried others and almost gave up on baby wrapping.I am so pleased with everything!!!!! You may use me for a reference!!!! THANK YOU !!!! May GOD bless your growing family!!! Blessings Heidi                                  

Thank-you so much for the Storchenwiege.  I carried my baby all over Disneyland and was never tired.  She loved it as well she would just lay next to me and sleep like she was at home.  My two year old also loved being on my back.  It was the best thing I packed for the trip.  Now I take it everywhere and wish I would have known about it for my two older kids.  Thank-you again and I will send all new mother to your site.




I got my wraps today.  Very quick shipping.  I wore my son in a front kangaroo pouch carry, to pick up my daughter.  Everyone was asking me about the wrap, and saying how comfortable I looked, and how comfortable Ryker looked in it.  He fell right asleep by the way.  I LOVED it.  It was way more comfortable than my Baby Bjorn.  I've been wearing him all day, changing the kinds of carries for practice, and I'm not even sore.  I had two herniated disks after carrying my older son around as a baby.  I just can't thank you enough for your help.   You've made a baby wearer out of me.   I'm off to my post natal yoga class, and can't wait to tell the girls about my new find.  Here's a pict of me and Ryker.  He has a twin sister, and I can't wait until I feel comfortable enough with my wrapping skills to try wearing them both.


Thanks so much,

Shayna, Ryker, and Emma


I don't mind one bit if you use my picture or comments.  I don't know why everyone doesn't use these.  They are so comfortable, for mom and baby too! 

Thanks again,




Just wanted to jot you a quick note to let you know how happy I am with

the "Storch" Inka sling that arrived this weekend!


It is much more beautiful than I thought it would be. Pictures on the

internet do not do it justice!! It's simply gorgeous.


Anyway, my husband already started using the sling today around the

house and he rates it far superior to the stretchy wrap we'd been using

up until now. He says that our 6 week old son feels much more secure in

it than with the other. I intend to start wearing the wrap tomorrow! I'm

absolutely thrilled! …







I don't know if you remember me, I purchased a Storchenweige "Anna" wrap back in December. It was a rush delivery so I could take it with me to NY.

I have been wanting to send you my most sincere THANK YOU! since then.

My wrap is amazing. It worked great for the many subways steps, bus transfers and winter city walks. Laura loves it and is always happy to go in it. Amazingly enough, my back is perfectly fine. I mostly carry her on the back but sometimes do a front carry. I have enclosed a picture of myself and my chunky monkey (2 years, 10 months and 43 lbs at the time).

I have a  great moment to share with you:

It was early evening and we had just spent the whole day visiting a friend in the city. I wanted to walk a couple of blocks to show Laura the holiday set up at Macy's. She got in the wrap and we started to walk. It was the weekend and midtown was full of people doing their x-mas shopping. Laura and I were inseparable in the wrap and were able to window shop, talk about what we saw and feel extra warm. I didn't have to deal with a stroller over crowded sidewalks, stuck in snowy slushy streets or the whole folding/unfolding of it to go in & out of the buses and subway. Laura was so cozy, she was asleep by the time we got to Macy's. It felt wonderful to feel her safe and warm next to me among the chaos of a pre-Christmas midtown shopping frenzy.

It was now time to go home to Queens. So here I was, in the subway. Everyone stared with either amazement or love at the sight of this small woman with a huge sleeping kid on her back. I smiled back. At one point I had to transfer from the subway to the elevated train. Laura continued to sleep while I did my leg routine up 3 flights of stairs. Exercising never felt more rewarding. I loved the whole experience and would never trade my sling.

We saw the museum of natural history, fifth avenue and  many other places with our trusty sling ready to help my tired little tourist.

Here in LA, I take the wrap with me on hikes or outings. We have also used it as a seating hammock/swing when the park swings are full. It has also been known to be a river full of alligators and a path to a magical castle. 

Yesterday we went on a local tourist trip to china town and walked all day. Laura was starting to get whiny and short tempered. She didn't know I had brought the sling with me. You should have see her face when she saw it coming out of my bag! She was so grateful! she started to bounce and sing "yeah, yeah you brought the sling! the sling, the sling, the sling!" It made me laugh.

Anyway, Thanks so much for a wonderful product, great memories and lots of smiles in Laura's face.

I plan on keep using my sling any chance I get until I get to show Laura how to carry her own babies in it!





"To thine own self be true and it shall follow as the night the day, thou canst then not be false to any man."


-William Shakespeare


Yes, Please feel free to post my experience with the sling. I  recommend it highly whenever I get the chance. It gets me to the core when I see parents proudly using their "Baby Bjorn" or other easy-snap-on-flap-about baby carrier. It is so easy and versatile, everyone should have one!




I received my Inka - it is SO pretty. I really love the stripes and I think that the colors will match with almost anything. It doesn't feel as soft as my Leo Red, not sure if that has to do with the weave or just because it's new. I put it on and popped my baby in as soon as I received it and he is now fast asleep as I type.


I also wanted to tell you that we went to the aquarium today and I, of course, brought my Storch. On the drive down my husband had on the air conditioner and I was cold so I just pulled my Storch (which I had tied on before we left) down over my arms. It was so nice and cuddly. When we arrived in the parking lot, I nursed my baby, burped him and popped him in the Storch. A car that had pulled into the spot next to us at the same time we did was STILL struggling with their stroller. Then, at the aquarium there were so many families with big bulky strollers and there we were, happy as could be in our Storch. We were able to squeeze in between people to see the exhibits, and my baby was at a higher level so he could see everything perfectly (the poor kids in the strollers couldn't see a thing). He nursed in the wrap, and then he took his nap while we walked around some more and ate lunch. On the way back to the car it started to rain and I pulled the fabric over his head and he stayed nice and warm and dry. I am just so in love with this wrap and can't imagine my life without it! …





I wish I had known about the wrap concept earlier with our first baby.
My daughter (2nd baby) and I are *really* enjoying wearing our
storchenwiege, especially outside now that we've got the back carry down.
Yesterday we hiked a few miles comfortably.  Adios framepack!


We absolutely love our Storchenwiege, and tell everyone about it! K.S.





Feedback.."the Storchenwiege arrived today. I am extremely pleased with the sling. It is simply gorgeous-I can't stop touching it. The fabric is brilliantly colored and is very soft (much softer than my Didymos). My husband carried our older son(45 lbs) in it already and said it was fantastic. We just returned from a trip to the park so that I could have a turn carrying our baby! It is a terrific length for the rucksack carry, no extra fabric to wrap around and around my waist. I am also amazed at how firmly the knot stays in place, therefore keeping him in a much more snug way. I also have been tucking the fabric at the shoulder when I tie, as you suggested, and that has made a nicer fit as well. Thank you so much! I really wish that there were some way that I could afford another. I really love the Inka pattern-it just looks so beautiful. Is it as lovely in person? Maybe someday, somehow, I can afford one in a 4.1-then I would have a sling for all occasions.


Also, I must mention that the instructions booklet is superb. The why and how of carrying children is just so informative. Anyone considering wearing their baby should read that first and only use a wraparound sling. Since receiving my Didymos, and the information about wearing babies facing out, I cringe whenever I see someone carrying a child in that manner. The documentation in the Storchenwiege is really well written and even more specific-very impressive.

Thank you Beate, for your helping me make the decision to get the Storchenwiege. It is really a special purchase and investment especially since I already own a Didymos. (I just wish that I had a size 5 instead of the size 6 Didymos). In the unlikely event that you should ever have a return on, or know of a secondhand 4.1 Inka, please let me know." Tamara


Feedback: "Wow, the Storchenwiege is a must for baby wearers. Beautiful and easy to handle, sturdy but soft. Ideal for a heavy baby even for longer periods of time. I have found it spreads the weight more evenly across my shoulders with a toddler than the Didy. I liked the instructions, some details I haven't seen anywhere else. I wish it would include the cross carry however, it is one of my favorites. I will keep singing the praises for the Storchenwiege (even though the name is almost impossible to say). Thanks. Dede.

Feedback: "I love the one [Storchenwiege] I ordered from you! 
Thanks!  Joanne

Feedback: "I just received the Anna which I love.  It's so beautiful and the fabric is so nice to touch.  I carry it everywhere even when I know we won't end up wearing it...."





After two months of using our Storch, we can't remember what our life was like before it- we absolutely love it.  (It is SO much more comfortable than our premaxx baby bag, our original sling, and the baby bjorn front carrier.) 


Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.

All the best,



Yes- please feel free to use my email on the site. I would also add that our son just *adores* his time in the Storch- we carry him everywhere we go- and at 8 1/2 months we have yet to feel a need for a stroller.

Take care,






Thank you for your telephone help in choosing the sling.  I received it yesterday and spent most of the evening (after the "big boys" went to sleep) practicing the knot and the kangaroo carry.  I used a doll to practice since my infant had fallen asleep and he really needed the rest.  It was quite helpful to use a doll to get the hang of setting up the sling.  My little one is in the sling right now AND HE LOVES IT!  It is so much more comfortable than my pouch sling.  Amazing.  I really liked my pouch sling and recommend it to everyone,  NOW, I will be recommending this one to everyone! 
Thank you for your help. 
Best Regards,

Hi.  A few days ago I purchased a 5.2 Inka.  i have to say, I love it, so does my son.  This is the most versatile and comfortable way to wear him I've tried, and I've tried a lot. 

I can’t imagine going without it either and I’ve only had it a few days!  I just can’t fathom going back to the Native carrier or the snuggli or any of the others I have.  I am definitely just going to hem it; then it will be a custom fit.  Feel free to post my email—I don’t think people realize just how great a product like this is.  I was wary at first myself because of the expense, but having received it, I know that the quality is worth the dollars!  The sling allowed me to carry a diaper back pack, two pans of lasagna, my laptop bag, my purse AND my son to the car--it’s priceless!!!  No more making three trips back and forth in the cold with only one hand free or with Rowen jostling about in a pouch style sling!  I can’t say enough about it.  It should be a staple of any mom’s repertoire!  Thank you so much! 

 Sincerely yours,

I just received my beautiful sling and I have to say thanks! I had never even heard of Storchen Wiege slings before you helped me on the phone. I have to say, no photo of the Inka sling can possibly do justice to how beautiful the sling is in real life. I tore open the package, opened the sling and just for fun tied it on any way I could to see how it looked. I put my 8mo old son in it just to look in the mirror. Then I took him back out and he cried! He loves it too!

Then the most amazing thing of 12 year old son asked me to tie the sling onto him so he could wear the baby.

Also, that was amazingly fast shipping.

Thanks again, SOOOOOOOO much for amazing help and a beautiful sling,


I don't mind at all if you put my comment on your sites! I love the new sling so much, I'd be thrilled to share my thoughts about it with anyone! :-)  I can't wait until tomorrow morning to get up and "wear" my son all day!

Take care,



Thank you soooooo much for the beautiful sling. Thank you for letting me return the shrunken D********. I am so glad I came across the Storchenwiege. My friend had suggested the D******* but it wasn't as soft and of course way to short after washing and drying it. I couldn't be happier with my Storch! Thank you for your great customer service. I'll be back for more stuff soon.