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Why you should wear your baby

Wear your baby

"Centuries ago, native Americans already knew about the multiple benefits of a baby sling or carrying cloth, such as the high quality Storchenwiege. Through new medical findings, it is known that children who were carried in a baby sling show far less slight physical posture problems than those children who were not carried at all or who were carried in other baby carriers. A baby sling is optimal and individually adjustable to the age and needs of your child.

Because the human is part of the species of the parent clinger, the baby sling has, in addition to physiological advantages, also psychosocial  gravity in the proper development of a child conveying feelings of love, security, and saftey. More and more orthopedics advise the use of a baby sling for the proper development of the hip and hiop socket which will also prevent hip dysplasia.

Occupational and physiological therapists advise the use of a baby sling to help with the sensory integration because of the exact individual fit and how it stimulates all areas of recognition."

Werner Sagmeister, Occupational and Physiological Therapist, Ingolstadt, Germany



The greatest expression of love is holding and carrying your baby.  For centuries, humans have carried their children much of the day—until the invention of the stroller and the portable car seat.  It is the most natural thing to carry a baby close to your body.  A child needs physical contact and must be held for proper physical and mental development.  In today’s society, we must do every thing we can to help our children be well adjusted.  A baby sling or carrying cloth  is the most natural way to facilitate these needs.  In addition, parents who carry their children create a special bond between them and the child that will last forever.  We have used slings extensively and I recommend them to every mother and father.                                        

Eckhard Rolz PhD. Idaho