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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We compiled questions that come up frequently and gave answers. Should you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to contact any of the Storchenwiege dealers.

Question:          How do I wash this wraparound sling?

Answer:            A Storchenwiege can be washed in the machine on gentle or regular cycle with like colors. Use mild detergent sparingly. If you have hard water you might want to use a water softener. Please do not use fabric softener ever, it ruins the fabric.


Question:          Can I put my Storch in the dryer?

Answer:           It is not recommended for drying in a dryer and it is not guaranteed for drying in the dryer. It might shrink a little.  I have put mine in the dryer and so far have not noticed a change in lengths. They do dry quite quickly just line dried.


Question:          Can I breast feed in the sling.

Answer:            Yes, there are several different options for breast feeding in a Storchenwiege. Ask the dealer you are buying from about them. The "different holds" link on the navigation menue to your left will also give you some ideas.


Question:          This is a private questions, nevertheless it gets asked. Can I use the restroom with the sling on?

Answer:            Yes, it works great. If you have ends hanging, make sure you know where they are before actually sitting down. It helps to tuck them in on the sides or hold on to the ends while using the rest room.


Question:          Can I use this baby sling if I am prone to breast infections (mastitis)?

Answer:            If breast infections (mastitis) are frequent you might not want to use the tying ways that are putting pressure across your chest or breasts. There are plenty of tying ways that will work. The back carries are also great if this is an acute problem.


Question:          For how long will this work, how many years can I carry my baby?

Answer:            As long as you are strong enough and you and your baby enjoy it.


Question:          How many hours per day can I wear my baby? Is it damaging to wear them too long?

Answer:            No damage done if tied correctly. You can wear them as many hours as both of you enjoy. As babies my children are in it for 12 – 14 hours per day and we all have enjoyed every moment of it. The research link has more info on baby's developmenet and proper baby carriers.


Question:          Why do the Storchenwiege slings cost so much? Isn’t it just a piece of fabric?

Answer:            We hear this question a lot. It is a piece of fabric, however, it is woven especially to embrace your baby and it stretches just the right amount. A regular fabric does not give the same support as it is woven to become a piece of clothing, not a baby carrier. The cost is not only in the weaving process, which is a little more complicated than regular cotton fabric, but also in the country of origin. Laborers in Germany are paid regular wages along with benefits. And a big reason for the price is the strong Euro, high shipping cost and import taxes. Nevertheless it is a superior product and after a few days of using it you will find it well worth your investment.


Question:          What is the difference between this and the other wrap style slings.

Answer:            There are answer for this in the product information link and research link. The quality of others is lacking and why go with something that will not be as comfortable when you can have the best baby wearing experience possible?  .


Question:          How hard is it to learn the different ties?

Answer:            It is like tying your shoe. After you have tied them a few times you don’t even think about it anymore. You just know how to do it.


Question:          Are the instructions hard to understand and follow?

Answer:            If you can read a recipe and cook you can understand the instructions. There are also instructional DVDs on the market to help.


Question:          Would you suggest a wrap if I already have other carriers like the mei tai, Ergo, podaegi, pouch, ring sling, padded ring sling, stretchy and/or light wrap?

Anwer:             Yes simply because the other carriers aren’t as individually adjustable as a woven wrap. Most do not offer any head support and although they are nice when baby is awake, they simply don’t keep the head secured when baby is asleep. Baby’s head will wobble around with every step you take unless you secure baby’s head with your hand which makes it not a hands free carrier anymore. None of the ready sewn easy sit in carriers have the ability to be individually adjusted around baby’s back/head. There are no fabric strands that could be tightened, it is all one piece that hangs on a smaller piece of fabric. They are also limited on how well you can adjust them across your shoulder and build up pressure points which can lead to severe headaches and back problems. A two shoulder woven wrap will be more comfortable and versatile than any other baby carrier on the market.