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Unique Custom Made Quilts

With questions please e-mail      The quilts are for sale besides the auction so if you are interested please contact us and we can negotiate a price. Thank you.

Mr. and Mrs. Schwartzer from Storchenwiege have generously given us (the U.S. distributors) fabric to make baby quilts. Amber from "Phoebe's gift" has donated her time and resources, along with her expertise as a professional sewer and quilter to make this project a success. Tammi is donating her time and organizational skills along with her resources to organize this auction and keep everything moving along.  All involved in bringing you these beautiful, vibrant, high quality quilts are sending their love and lots of positive energy with every stitch of every quilt. To learn more about the people involved, please go to the botton of the page.

To know what the proceeds of this auction will be used for, please read below the quilt pictures.

More unique items with Storchenwiege fabric will be added as we receive them from our volunteers. Check back to see the beautiful Storchenwiege fabrics shine in other uses than baby slings. Please keep in mind these items are custom made, all by moms who want to help children in need. We can not accept returns on any of the items. All are made with love in smoke free homes.

This is a silent Auction and you can email your bid to Tammi at

All Quilts are 40" by 40" unless otherwise noted.

Minimum bid $95

The above quilt is called Jared  (Sold)

Minimum bid $ 95

The above quilt is called Rahel

This is the close up pattern of the stitches of each quilt, except Jared.

This is the backing of each Storchenwiege quilt

This next quilt is not made with Storchenwiege fabric but is nevertheless a masterpiece!

Minimum Bid $125

The above quilt is called Old Glory and measures 35 1/2 by 32

Minimum Bid $85

This quilt is 26 1/2 by 26 1/2 inches and is called Shelby
The backing is a warm cushy flannel, the front all Storchenwiege fabric.
This beautiful star quilt will work for a tiny baby or as a wall hanging. Brighten up the long Winter month with  the beautiful bright colors of the Storchenwiege wraps.

Minimum  Bid $125
This  above quilt is called Sunshine and measures 55 1/2 x 40

Beautiful purpley quilt with little butterflies as quilting stitch.
Size 55 1/2 x 40

Minimum Bid $75

This above quilt is called Walter. It is made with brushed Walter's Organic fabric and a flannel backing. It is very cuddly soft.
Measures approximately 60 x 40

Minimum bid $85 (Sold)
Set of sofa pillows well stuffed. Hypo-allergenic fill that can be washed and dried in the dryer to make keeping them clean easy.
This set is called sofa pillows.

To pay if you are the winning bidder, please send paypal payment to This is a paypal set up for charity auction items only.

We will make sure that every Cent made on these quilts will go to an account set up for a building fund for an orphanage in Ethiopia. We have family members and friends who have adopted from Ethiopia and although grateful to have been given a home and a better chance in life, the Ethiopian children are homesick. Most orphaned children do not ever get a better chance to move up in the world because they are basically set on the street when they turn 16. They have no place to go, no relatives, no shelters, no soup kitchen, nobody. Their home is the street and their food is begged every day. Most of the children on the streets die with some form of desease before they turn 26 years of age. We believe together as mothers and fathers in a country of plenty, we can make a difference.
We have plans to build an orphanage that will house children in family like units with a surogate mother and father. It will have a school and some kind of factory adjacent to the apartment complex. Father's can work in the factory and as teachers if they are qualified. We are hoping to get some retired University professors and school teachers interested in volunteering their time to teach in Ethiopia to get this project going. Another building will be an applied technology center. Teenagers gratuading from school will have a chance to further their education. By the time they leave the orphanage, or better, their home, they will be able to get better paying jobs and provide for themselves and their future families. Some people have called this a dream, we call it a vision! Together we can move mountains, even if it is one rock at a time. We can help less fortunate children around the world one child at a time. This auction will help us get a step closer to our vision. Thank you for your support.

Who Is Making This Possible

Mr. and Mrs. Schwartzer are the parents of two wonderful attachment parenting daughters and the grandparents of  five. They are a wonderful generous couple with a huge heart, especially for children. They manufacture the Storchenwiege baby wraps with love and precision. Nothing but perfection will do on the fabric that will carry the most precious commodity life has to offer, a baby. I could fill pages talking about Mr. and Mrs. Schwartzer and their family, they are just outstanding people. You can feel their love for children, for each other, and for life, in every wrap they sell.

This is Mr. and Mrs. Schwartzer with Beate Frome, a couple of Beate's children and a nephew. Beate Frome has visited with the Schwartzer family  and knows from experience that the Schwartzer family is outstanding.

Amber Christensen is a stay at home mother of  five beautiful children  and the wife of a soon to be a Colonel in the Air Force Bryan. She has moved around the world but most of all she loves being at home with her family, wherever that might be. She has been a professional seamstress and quilter for decades and loves every minute of it. She refused to be paid for any of her work or her resources. She supports several children in poor countries and like Mr. and Mrs. Schwartzer, she too loves all children. You will love her expertise when you see her work up close and personal wrapped around your baby.

Tammi is the stay at home mom of four BUSY children and wife to Tom. She says; "Finally football season is over so we can relax in the evenings now." She is experienced in organizing and making events happen. We are so glad to have Tammi organize this auction. She is very confident and knows she can keep it all straight. She too has a big heart and is always willing to help others. Giving her time and talents to help with this auction wasn't a questions, she jumped right in with excitement. You can tell she loves spending time with her family and she too loves children everywhere.

Beate started this idea and is the driving force behind this vision of building an orphanage to give children a secure future. She has set up this page and has organized getting the fabric and seamstress together to get started with raising money for a great cause. She believes we live in a place where we have been blessed with more than we ever need. By sharing our wealth we can invite a lot of positive energy into our lives, which will help us be more kind to one another. Beate and Kurt have four children.